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New! Datapunk MAP

Visualize your clinical lab data as it was meant to be seen.

Ever try using graph paper to chart out progressive lab values? Or an Excel spreadsheet? Think about what happens when you try to plot hemoglobin A1C values, which typically run in single digits, against platelet values, which can run in the hundreds of thousands. It doesn't work. That's because in order to plot widely divergent data ranges you need a multi-axis graph, where every series is plotted against its own reference range. That's why I wrote the DataPunk Multi-Axis Data Plotter (MAP), a free online tool that allows you to see your data in its true relationship. Not only that, you can vary the ways you depict your data, plus if you select your test from an autocomplete list of 150+ common tests MAP will also depict which values are outside the normal range, see in the example above as little alert (!) icons. You can save and re-edit your data and create as many data series as you desire, using a simple spreadsheet-like entry form.

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