Comparision of Sequential Breath Hydrogen Results, an Indicator of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgowth, After Three Weeks Following the Blood Type Diet

Compiled by Peter D'Adamo ND and Natalie Colicci ND
Copyright 2013.


Elevated breath hydrogen readings after the administration of lactulose, a synthetic, non-digestible sugar is considered doganostic of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). Positive diagnosis for a lactulose SIBO breath test - typically positive if the patient produces approximately 20 ppm of hydrogen within the first two hours (indicates bacteria in the small intestine), followed by a much larger peak (colonic response). We conducted a simple study to compare baseline levels of breath hydrogen between individuals who were either blood group A or O and again between A/O secretors and non-secretors. The results indicated that blood group A subjects were more likely to have elevated breath hydrogen levels after administration of lactulose when compared to blood group O, and that blood group A non-secretors had elevated breath hydrogen levels when compared to blood group A secretors.

Individuals who tested positive for elevated breath hydrogen were then given a copy of Eat Right For Your Type and told to follow the appropriate recommended diet for their ABO blood type. All participants were then retested three weeks later. Results indicate that significant improvement had occurred, in particular with respect to the third and fourth blows, which suggested that there was change in the bacteria in the small intestine and colon.

ABOVE: We found a consistently elevated level of breath hydrogen in subjects who were blood group A when compared to blood group O subjects.

ABOVE: Comparing blood groups and secretor status showed that the highest readings occured in blood group A non-secretors.

ABOVE: After a period of time on the specific food regimen recommended for either blood group A or O,
sequential breath hydrogen readings showed that a significant change had occured in the third and fourth blow readings.