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Salvia miltiorrhiza (Danshen)

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Salvia miltiorrhiza (Danshen) may relate to these other naturopathic agents:

Salvia miltiorrhiza (Danshen) is linked to these entities, through the following networks: 6-KETO-PROSTAGLANDIN F1ALPHA AKT1 BAX BCL2 CASP3 CCNA1 CCNB1 CD14 CDK1 FIGF GLUTATHIONE HER2 MYC NFATC1 NOS1 P27 SMAD2 SMAD3 SOD1 TGFB1 TGFB2 THROMBOXANE B2

Salvia miltiorrhiza (Danshen) references used by Quodlibet:
  1. Compound 278E, structurally modified from tanshinone, induces monocytic differentiation and regulates proto-oncogene expression in human leukemic HL-60 cells.

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