Mucin type O-Glycan biosynthesis - Homo sapiens (human)

Curator(s): Peter D'Adamo

O-glycans are a class of glycans that modify serine or threonine residues of proteins. Biosynthesis of O-glycans starts from the transfer of N-acetylgalactosamine (GalNAc) to serine or threonine. The first GalNAc may be extended with sugars including galactose, N-acetylglucosamine, fucose, or sialic acid, but not mannose, glucose, or xylose. Depending on the sugars added, there are four common O-glycan core structures, cores 1 through 4, and an additional four, cores 5 though 8. Mucins are highly O-glycosylated glycoproteins ubiquitous in mucous secretions on cell surfaces and in body fluids. Mucin O-glycans can be branched, and many sugars or groups of sugars are antigenic. Important modifications of mucin O-glycans include O-acetylation of sialic acid and O-sulfation of galactose and N-acetylglucosamine. | KEGG Map |    

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Mucin type O-Glycan biosynthesis - Homo sapiens (human) node1 UDP-GalNAc node6 node1->node6 node2 sialyl-Tn antigen node3 Ser/Thr-peptide node3->node6 node4 1 Tn Antigen Tn Antigen->node4 Tn Antigen node7 Tn Antigen->node7 node8 Tn Antigen->node8 node12 Tn Antigen->node12 node13 Tn Antigen->node13 node15 Tn Antigen->node15 node16 2.4.1.- Tn Antigen->node16 node5 1 node6->Tn Antigen node6->node5 node7->node2 node11 disialyl-T antigen node7->node11 node9 T-antigen (Core 1) node8->node9 node9->node12 node14 node9->node14 node10 sialyl-T antigen node10->node7 Core 2 node12->Core 2 Core 6 node12->Core 6 Keratan sulfate biosynthesis Core 2->Keratan sulfate biosynthesis Core 3 node13->Core 3 node14->node10 Core 3->node15 Core 4 node15->Core 4 node15->Core 6 Core 5 node16->Core 5 Core 7 node16->Core 7 Core 8 node16->Core 8 UDP-Gal:betaGlcNAc beta 1,4- galactosyltransferase,polypeptide 5 B4GALT5 Core 6->B4GALT5 node17 2 B4GALT5->node17 B4GALT5 F1alpha B4GALT5->F1alpha Amino sugar and nucleotide sugar metabolism Amino sugar and nucleotide sugar metabolism->node1 lectin,galactoside-binding,soluble,3 LGALS3 LGALS3->node9 node18 1 lectin,galactoside-binding,soluble,1 LGALS1 LGALS1->node9 LGALS1->node18 LGALS1 print "