Curator(s): Peter D'Adamo

A unbreakable playground to hone your Quodlibet skills. You can log in with the username guest and the password quodlibet to gain access to the editor. Click on a node or edge to edit its features. You can add new nodes and edges as well. This map is reset every hour back to the default map. | KEGG Map |    

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Sandbox cluster_NUCLEUS NUCLEUS node1 2 DVL DVL->node1 DVL Notch DVL->Notch Numb Numb->Notch node2 5 TACE TACE->node2 TACE TACE->Notch Delta Delta->Notch Serrate Serrate->Notch Toronto Serrate->Toronto John Cage MAPK Signaling Notch->MAPK Signaling Ras/ MAPK NICD Notch->NICD Gene Expression MAPK Signaling->Gene Expression node3 3 PSEN PSE2 NCSTN APH S3 Gamma Secretase Complex->Notch Gamma Secretase Complex S3 Gamma Secretase Complex->node3 S3 Gamma Secretase Complex node5 11 Chicago New York Chicago->New York A Rainbow in Curved Air epidermal growth factor receptor EGFR New York->EGFR Cluster Brooklyn New York->Brooklyn Joe's Garage node6 9 EGFR->node6 EGFR Vancouver Vancouver->New York Jon Hassell CSL DNA CSL->DNA node4 Hes 1/5 DNA->node4 Pre Tau DNA->Pre Tau Co Activator Co Activator->CSL Co Activator Co Repressor Co Repressor->node5 Co Repressor Co Repressor->CSL Co Repressor NICD->CSL SKIP SKIP->CSL print "