Selenocompound metabolism - Homo sapiens (human)

Curator(s): Erin Kinney

A nonmetallic chemical element found in trace amounts in human body. Selenium primarily occurs in vivo as selenocompounds, mostly selenoproteins such as glutathione peroxidase and thioredoxin reductase (enzymes responsible for detoxification). Alone or in combination with Vitamin E, selenocompounds act as antioxidants. These agents scavenge free radicals; prevent blood clots by inhibiting platelet aggregation; strengthen the immune system; and have been shown, in some instances, to inhibit chromosomal damage and mutations. Exhibiting chemopreventive activity, selenocompounds also inhibit the induction of protein kinase C. | KEGG Map |    

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Selenocompound metabolism - Homo sapiens (human) node1 Se-Methyl -seleno-methionine node2 node2->node1 node3 Seleno-methionine node2->node3 met proto-oncogene (hepatocyte growth factor receptor) MET MET->node3 node4 node3->node4 cystathionase (cystathionine gamma-lyase) CTH node3->CTH node24 node3->node24 node5 Seleno -methionyl -tRNA(Met) node4->node5 Protein node5->Protein node6 Seleno-homocysteine node6->MET Cas-Br-M (murine) ecotropic retroviral transforming sequence CBL CBL->node6 node7 Seleno-cystathionine node7->CBL CGS CGS->node7 Selenocysteine Selenocysteine->CGS node8 L-Seleno -cysteinyl-tRNA(Sec) Selenocysteine->node8 node8->Protein node9 node9->node8 node10 Seleno-phosphate node11 node10->node11 node11->node8 node12 L-Seryl -tRNA(Sec) node12->node9 node13 node12->node13 node14 O-Phospho -L-seryl -tRNA(Sec) node13->node14 node14->node11 node15 node15->node10 Hydrogen selenide node15->Hydrogen selenide node16 node16->Selenocysteine Alanine node16->Alanine node16->Hydrogen selenide node18 1-Methylseleno -N-acetyl -D-galactosamine Hydrogen selenide->node18 node17 node17->Hydrogen selenide node25 Methyl-selenol node17->node25 node19 Glutathio-selenol node19->Hydrogen selenide node20 Selenodi-glutathione node20->node19 Selenite Selenite->node17 Selenite->node20 node21 node21->Selenite Selenate Selenate->node21 node22 Selenate->node22 node23 Adenosine 5'-phosphoselenate node22->node23 node23->Selenite CTH->node25 node24->node25 node26 Methyl-selenic acid node26->node17 node27 2.1.1.- node27->Selenocysteine node27->Hydrogen selenide node27->node25 node28 Dimethyl-selenide node27->node28 node32 Se-Methyl -seleno-cysteine node27->node32 node29 node29->node28 node30 Trimethyl-selenonium node29->node30 SCL node31 Methylseleno -cysteine Se -oxide node31->node25 node32->SCL node32->node31 GTK node32->GTK node34 y-Glutamyl -Se-methylselenocysteine node32->node34 node33 Methylseleno-pyruvate GTK->node33 print "