Transcription Role of Vitamin D Receptor: Homo sapiens (human)

Curator(s): Peter D'Adamo

Osteoporosis is a common disease affecting the majority of older women and a significant minority of older men. It is defined as the gradual reduction in bone strength with advancing age, particularly in post-menopause women. Osteoporosis is one of the major and growing health care problems around the world. One of the first genes to be associated with the common form of osteoporosis is that for the Vitamin D receptor ( VDR ). This gene encodes the nuclear hormone receptor for vitamin D3 belonging to the family of trans-acting transcriptional regulatory factors. VDR is activated by active form of vitamin D - Calcitriol. Calcitriol is produced in the kidneys via CYP27B1 by conversion from Calcifediol.    
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Transcription Role of Vitamin D Receptor: Homo sapiens (human) cluster_EXTRACELLULAR EXTRACELLULAR cluster_node40 CELL MEMBRANE cluster_INTRANUCLEAR INTRANUCLEAR cluster_node41 !3 cluster_KERATINOCYTES KERATINOCYTES cluster_node42 MAMMARY EPITHELIUM node2 2 node3 3 Calcitriol node5 1.14.-.- Calcitriol->node5 Calcitonin Calcitriol->Calcitonin LL37 Calcitriol->LL37 node4 vitamin D (1,25- dihydroxyvitamin D3) receptor VDR node4->VDR cytochrome P450,family 24,subfamily A,polypeptide 1 CYP24A1 CYP24A1->node5 node38 Inactive 24,25 -OH -vitamin D CYP24A1->node38 calreticulin CALR CALR->VDR node6 1 alpha, 23 (S), 25-trihydroxyvitamin D3 node5->node6 node7 node7->Calcitriol cytochrome P450,family 27,subfamily B,polypeptide 1 CYP27B1 CYP27B1->node7 node8 Ca(2) cytosol node8->VDR ? node9 node9->VDR +p node10 1 node11 1 node14 1 node17 10 interleukin 6 (interferon,beta 2) IL6 IL6->node17 IL6 node18 2 insulin-like growth factor 1 (somatomedin C) IGF1 IGF1->node18 IGF1 glycoprotein hormones,alpha polypeptide CGA Cortisol node20 Cortisol->node20 Cortisol->VDR + Expression node21 6 beta-hydroxycortisol node20->node21 node32 6-Hydroxydexamethasone node20->node32 node22 5 cytochrome P450,family 3,subfamily A,polypeptide 4 CYP3A4 CYP3A4->node20 CYP3A4->node22 CYP3A4 node23 1 interferon,gamma IFNG IFNG->node23 IFNG node24 1 node25 1 node26 2 CYP19 CYP19->node26 CYP19 node27 21 tumor necrosis factor TNF TNF->node27 TNF interleukin 1,alpha IL1A TNF->IL1A + Expression interleukin 1,beta IL1B TNF->IL1B + Expression node28 2 IL1A->node28 IL1A node29 3 IL1B->node29 IL1B collagen,type I,alpha 1 COL1A1 FasL calbindin 1,28kDa CALB1 node30 4 OPN OPN->node30 OPN apolipoprotein E APOE OPN->APOE + Expression p57 OPN->p57 ? Osteocalcin node31 Dexamethasone Dexamethasone->node20 Dexamethasone->VDR + Expression Proteasomal processing node33 Cholesterol node33->Cholesterol node34 1 UV Irradiation Previtamin D3 UV Irradiation->Previtamin D3 Spontaneous isomerization Previtamin D3->Spontaneous isomerization Spontaneous isomerization->Calcitriol Cholecalciferol Spontaneous isomerization->Cholecalciferol node36 1 Cholecalciferol->node36 Vitamin D from diet Vitamin D from diet->node36 node37 CYP2R1 CYP27A1 node36->node37 Calcifediol node37->Calcifediol Vitamin D Binding Protein Vitamin D Binding Protein->node37 TRIP1 eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3,subunit A EIF3A node39 5 Estriol Estriol->node39 Estriol Estriol->VDR + Transcription VDR->node3 VDR VDR->CYP24A1 + Transcription VDR->CYP3A4 + Transcription VDR->IFNG - Transcription VDR->CYP19 + Transcription VDR->TNF + Transcription VDR->COL1A1 - Transcription VDR->FasL - Transcription VDR->CALB1 + Transcription VDR->OPN + Transcription VDR->Osteocalcin + Transcription VDR->node31 + Transcription VDR->Proteasomal processing androgen receptor AR VDR->AR + Expression node13 C-Fos VDR->node13 + Transcription node12 C-Jun VDR->node12 - Binds RANKL VDR->RANKL + Transcription parathyroid hormone PTH VDR->PTH -Transcription baculoviral IAP repeat containing 3 BIRC3 VDR->BIRC3 + Transcription bone morphogenetic protein 6 BMP6 VDR->BMP6 + Transcription plasminogen activator,urokinase PLAU VDR->PLAU + Transcription runt-related transcription factor 2 RUNX2 VDR->RUNX2 - Transcription THR VDR->THR node35 7-Dehydrocholesterol node35->node33 node35->node34 7-Dehydrocholesterol node35->UV Irradiation AR->CGA -Transcription node15 C-Fos C-Jun node13->node15 node15->node14 C-Fos~C-Jun node12->node11 C-Jun node12->IL6 + Transcription node12->IGF1 + Transcription node12->CGA - Transcription node12->VDR + Transcription node12->node15 node19 FRA-1 node12->node19 + Transcription node16 GCR-alpha node12->node16 -Transcription node16->IL6 - Transcription node16->node15 caudal type homeobox 2 CDX2 CDX2->VDR + Transcription Calcifediol->CYP24A1 Calcifediol->node7 node1 Ca2+ Transport node1->Transport Transport->node8 calcitonin receptor CALCR Calcitonin->CALCR OPG OPG->node25 OPG OPG->RANKL - Binds RANK RANKL->RANK + Binds PTH->CYP27B1 parathyroid hormone 1 receptor PTH1R PTH->PTH1R RANK->node24 RANK RXR RXR->node10 RXR RXR->VDR + Binds SMAD family member 3 SMAD3 SMAD3->node2 SMAD3 SMAD3->VDR + Binds transforming growth factor,beta receptor 1 TGFBR1 TGFBR1->SMAD3 +p transient receptor potential cation channel,subfamily C,member 3 TRPC3 TRPC3->Transport print "