RANK: Order

TAXONOMY: cellular organisms -> Bacteria -> Terrabacteria group -> Actinobacteria -> Actinobacteria -> Micrococcales


'Micrococcineae' is a suborder of bacteria of the order Actinomycetales. They are gram-positive soil organisms. It is also paraphyletic with respect to the suborder Actinomycetineae and order Bifidobacteriales, i.e. Actinomycetineae and Bifidobacteriales are both nested within the clade, Although Micrococcus rarely causes infections or problems in the body, those with compromised immune systems, such as occurs with HIV+ patients, have been known to get skin infections caused by Micrococcus luteus. The skin infections, or chronic cutaneous infections, result in pruritic eruptions of the skin in some areas as well as scattered papule lesions with or without central ulcerations. Micrococcus as the cause of infections is easy to overlook because infections caused by this bacterium are rare as well as the bacterium is a natural part of the skin's bacterial flora.  

Flora/ commensal