Treponema denticola

RANK: Species

TAXONOMY: Bacteria -> Spirochaetes -> Spirochaetia -> Spirochaetales -> Spirochaetaceae -> Treponema -> Treponema denticola


T. denticola is a member of Group II, one of the 10 phylogenetic groups of oral treponemes. Anaerobic growth in peptone-yeast extract, serum containing medium. White, diffuse colonies (0.3 to 1 mm) in diameter on solid media after 2 weeks incubation. Frequently isolated from human subgingival plaque, especially from subjects with periodontitis. Reported to be present in chimpanzeesKnown as a member of the 'red complex' and is strongly associated with periodontal disease [4]. Also associated with endodontic lesions.Identified as a constituent of the oral microbiome by Human Oral Microbiome Database.

Oral microbiome