RANK: Class

TAXONOMY: cellular organisms -> Bacteria -> Bacteroidetes/Chlorobi group -> Bacteroidetes -> Cytophagia


The Cytophagales are an order of bacteria. They are the only order of the class of Cytophagia. The name is derived from the Greek word Cytos (container, in the biological sense cell) and the Greek verb phagein (eat). Growth is mostly aerobic, some are microaerobically, ie they require only low concentrations of oxygen, or glänzlich anaerobically. All species are chemo-organotroph. Metabolism is the breathing, a few species can the fermentation of glucose use. This includes eg Flammeovirga Aprica. Most members of the order to use various organic macromolecules for metabolism. These include, for example, proteins such as casein and gelatin, lipids, esculin, starch, pectin, agar and other. Some species can also cellulose decompose and are important bacteria in the soil is important for the material cycle in the ecosystem.