Eggerthella lenta

RANK: Species

TAXONOMY: Terrabacteria group -> Actinobacteria -> Coriobacteriia -> Eggerthellales -> Eggerthellaceae -> Eggerthella -> Eggerthella lenta


Identified as a constituent of the oral microbiome by Human Oral Microbiome Database. Identified as constituent of vaginal microbiome. [PMID:23282177] Enriched in type II diabetics. Studies performed decades ago showed that digoxin is inactivated by the gut-residing Actinobacterium Eggerthella lenta (18), consistent with clinical reports of increased bioavailability after coadministration of digoxin and broad-spectrum antibiotics (19). E. lenta reduces a double bond in the α,β-unsaturated lactone ring of the compound, producing a pharmacologically inactive metabolite, dihydrodigoxin, that is incapable of binding to its target cardiac receptor

This species has been identified as a resident in the human gastrointestinal tract based on the phylogenetic framework of its small subunit ribosomal RNA gene sequences.[PMC 4262072]

Gut associated
Oral microbiome
Vaginal microbiome